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I'm not dead. Life's just crazy and all that fun stuff. Been exhausted and haven't been much for making art lately or being terribly creative as a general rule. I really need to fix that, but god, this year has just taken it out of me, which I feel is how a lot of people feel. Oh well...I have time off from work coming up soon, so maybe then I can kick my butt into gear, but until then I just need like, a thousand naps.
So, as you may have noticed, I haven't been uploading as much art these days, and I kind of wanted to talk about that, both as an explanation and to sort of work out these thoughts.

Now, I've definitely been drawing, doodling here and there but certainly not as much as I used to. I have less time to between work and other interests, and it's disheartening since I've always loved to draw, and for a long time I was one of those 'art kids'. You know the ones that kinda clumped together in middle school and stuff like that. I don't feel like that anymore, and it kinda bums me out.

Other than me feeling out of touch with my 'artsy mofo' side, I haven't been terribly proud of what I've drawn lately. Like, I think I'm at a point where I know what needs to be fixed with my drawings, but I have yet to acquire the skill to fix them. It's frustrating as anything, I tell you what.

But you know what? I'm gonna draw tonight, and I'm gonna get on a schedule and keep drawing. I love doing it, and I don't want to lose it. I have so many things I want to create, and they won't happen if I just sit around and bemoan things. I gotta be proactive, and that's what I'm gonna do gosh darnit.
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I think it's high time I reworked some of my CATS characters, retire some and redesign others (though just a little). I also have some new ones in the works, so hopefully I'll have those done soon. Right now, I'm just playing around with patterns and such in paint, so we'll see how that ends up going. For now, I'm just making a note for myself so I can keep straight what's what and who's who. Not all the new ones have names yet, so I'll just put them down under what I've been using to refer to them. I also really need to create more girls...

-Amaro (Male, Adult, Father of Iago and Shasta)
- Caleb (Male, Young Adult)
- Savalon (Female, Teenager-Young Adult, sister to Finian)
- Finian (Male, Teenager-Young Adult, brother to Savalon)
-Balendin (Male, Adult, Brother to Halim, Uncle of Anima)
- Halim (Male, Adult, Brother to Balendin, Father of Anima)
- Eritohve (Male, Young Adult)
- Rossiere (Male, Young Adult)
- Ricochet (Male, Young Adult)

- Orred (Male, Adult)
- Leska (Male, Adult)
- Anima (Female, Child-Young Adult, Daughter of Halim)
- Shasta (Female, Child, Daughter of Amaro, Sister of Iago)
- Iago (Male, Young Adult, Son of Amaro, Brother of Shasta)
- Devangi (Female, Adult, Mother of Iago and Shasta)

- "Fox" (Female, Teenager-Young Adult, Shorthair)
- "Bones" (Male, Young Adult, Longhair)
- Nero, (Male, Adult, Shorthair)
- "Witchy" (Female, Adult, Shorthair)
- "Bobtail" (TBD)
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That one is not only crummy but also old as heck. I'm gonna be 24 in December, and that thing is from when I was 21. Yeah, it's a little outdated.
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It's me. Get ready for some art.
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Because that other journal is so freaking old...

1. For the first 7 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
I'll feature you after you made the journal.

1. flammingcorn
  SWAGE by flammingcorn
Ok, let's start this off by saying that this one heck of a tough choice because ol' Corncob here has no shortage of rad OCs. Like seriously, go check them out. Anyway, I almost did their version of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy's (and believe me I love him to death and wish to hold him close to my chest and love him forever), but I decided to go with a character whose design and personality and just whole concept are really cool to me. This is Life, and he's an attitude having cosmic being with a jellybean head that represents Corndog's existence, and if that isn't the sickest shit you have ever heard, get out of my face.
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After a billion years. Am I cool now?
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Been busy and stuff. But yeah, that's how life is. Just graduated from college a few weeks ago, so that's rad obviously.

I'm not really in the mood to post a big ol' update post right now, but I probably will be eventually. Until then I have some doodles to upload. Haven't drawn as I wanted, but now I'm just getting myself back into it. Been drawing a lot the past couple of days to see what came of it...that's a story for another time.
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I've been really busy this semester, but I've been drawing from time to time, and I finally got around to scanning something.

Yeah, exciting. I know.

Be warned. I have a new fascination with the 2012 Arena Tour version of Jesus Christ Superstar. It's the bee's knees. Ok? Ok.
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Until I'm done working on character profile I'm just putting this journal here :) Feel free to ignore this.
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The boys had their fun, but now it's time for the girls to let loose and show their stuff. Will make a master list coon, but until then he's my girls. Also, have another boy in the works, but more on him later.

Name: Devangi
Nickname(s): Deva, Dee
Breed: Havana Brown/Abyssinian/Main Coon
Age: 24
Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Green
Distinct Physical Traits: Small mane about shoulders, slightly top-heavy hourglass figure
Mate(s): Amaro
Family: Iago (son), Shasta (Daughter), Oraelia (Mother), Johnnie Ray (Father 1), Miliati (Father 2, deceased)
Personality: Opinionated, Flirty, Independent, Sharp Tongued, Slow to Trust, Protective, Can Hold Her Own, Feisty
Brief History:
The product of a very interesting three-way, Devangi was the apple of all three of her parents eyes. For the first few years of her life she lived with her mother, her fathers visiting regularly to see their daughter and to help out. However, one day one of her fathers, an Abyssinian named Miliati got hit by a car and died, though at the time Deva was too young to truly grasp this. Life went on until Deva learned that her owners were going to move, but not wanting to leave her remaining father both Devangi and her mother decided to stay. However, the move happened sooner than either of them expected. Deva was out with her father, and when she got home not only were her humans gone but her mother as well. Not only had humans been the cause of her papa's unfortunate end, but now they had taken her mother away as well. Even with her dad, Johnnie, there to comfort her she could no longer stand humans, believing them to be selfish and horrible creatures. She set out on her own before settling down with a tribe where she could still visit her father, wanting him to leave his humans behind for her and her tribe, but he politely refused. Years later she met an alley cat named Amaro and started up a sexual relationship with him. However, the pair never intended to get as close as they did, but when Devangi became pregnant with their first child, Iago, the two became one of the few consistent things in each other's lives. They have another kitten now and can confide in each other more than they can most anyone else.
Other: N/A

Name: Falesyia
Nickname(s): Sy, Syia, Tigger, Miss Man
Breed: Toyger
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Yellow-green
Distinct Physical Traits: Coat is a lighter orange than most toygers, slightly tapered tail, flat-chested, Short and spiky headfur
Mate(s): Riiashe (X22X)
Family: Ellard (Father), Tora (Mother), Zuharode (Sister, Msterope), Rolanodi (brother)
Personality: Picky, Energetic, Rough Houser, Proud, Day Dreamer, Trying to figure it all out, Honest, Short-Tempered
Brief History:
Syia was born to be admired and adored, the product over careful breeding and patience. She is the most recent in her breeder's line of designer cats known as toygers for their lovely stripes and big, wildcat, hearts. Her owners had been on a waiting list for Toyger kittens, and when she was old enough she was picked up and taken to her new home in an expensive apartment complex, the same one where her older sister, Zuharode, already resided and not far from her brother. The three families are all friends of one another, and they often bring their striped pets along to join in the fun. Recently though Sy has started to feel cooped up in her urban high rise, curiosity growing about the street cats she has watched from various balconies. She's curious, but she loves her family dearly, so for the time being she is more than happy to fantasize about being a street cat. Her view is an admittedly romanticized one, but it's her dream, and she's sticking to it. Recently she's discovered than her humans are expecting a child of their own, and she still can't decide whether or not she's excited.
Other: Wears a zebra pattern collar, has her nails painted to match her eyes

Name: Shiloh
Nickname(s): Shy, Lo-lo
Breed: Angora Moggy
Age:  12
Height: 5'
Eyes: Yellow
Distinct Physical Traits: Scruffy headfur, two parallel scars on her left leg
Mate(s):  Too young
Family: Balendin (Father), Babochka (Mother, lillemoy)
Personality: Energetic, Tomboy, Talkative, Adventurous, Nurturing, Forgetful, Inquisitive, Opinionated
Brief History:
Shiloh was born to a pair of playful and loving parents, but not long after she was born the pair decided that friendship was more accustomed to their relationship. As such Shiloh was always in contact with her mother while getting to know that various interim mates her father had until his most recent stint of singleness. As a young kit she loved to spend time with her father and uncle, loving to watch her father wrestle and listen to him tell stories. Of course, she was also loved dearly by her mother and her half-brother Luther, but there was something extremely alluring to her about the world of toms that her father seemed to work so well in like a fish in water. As such she began to emulate and imitate the fellow rough and tumble sorts that her father hung around with, finding them to be role models even more so than any queen she had ever met.
Other: Wears a light blue and teal striped bandana around her neck, has a brown leather watch with a face to match the teal of her bandana around her tail, on her right wrist she has a leather bracelet and a beaded one on the left

Name: Lilith
Nickname(s): Lily
Breed: American Shorthair/Angora
Age: 22
Height: 6'
Eyes: Orange
Distinct Physical Traits: Plumed tail, Wide-set Ears, Stocky Build
Mate(s): NONE (OPEN, Male or Female)
Family: Amaro and Capac (Half-brothers), Shawnee, Nayeli, Itzel (Half-Sisters), Clotaire (Father), Brigid (Mother), Iago (Nephew), Shasta (Niece)
Personality: Motherly, Thoughtful, Vengeful, Persuasive, Loyal, Punctual, Observant, Playful, Patient
Brief History:
Another product of the same backyard breeding program that produced her older brother, Amaro, Lilith was the breeder's attempt at a cat for the sort that preferred their cats of a fluffier sort. Well, Lily met that requirement quite well with a soft coat and a silky tail, all plumed and perfect. He starkly contrasting coat garnered her many compliments from the other cats. On top of all that she was a mixed breed, making her of a healthier stock than some purebred cats. Unlike her most unfortunate older brother, Lilith was adopted shortly after coming of age to a loving and patient family who absolutely adored the queen's gentle but playful nature. Her owners are of an artistic background, their home full of interesting furniture and unique paintings on the wall. Lilith became one of her male owner's muses, and she has since appeared in a number of his paintings and is a bit of a mini-celebrity amongst his fans since she is not only a consistent character but also the subject of more than her fair share of her owner's blog posts. Lilith is content to laze around and be loved by her family, recently becoming surrogate big sister to the new kitten that her owner's have adopted. Lilith is aware that she probably has numerous siblings through her father, but she has made no attempt to meet any of them. She hasn't the time or the interest for such things.
Other: Wears her headfur in bushy pigtails, wears a bright green studded collar
Ref: N/A

Name: Jumizigne
Nickname(s): Ziggy, Jum
Breed: Oriental Shorthair mix
Age: 37
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Blue
Distinct Physical Traits: Long, braided, headfur; super short body fur, long claws, Large ears
Mate(s): Cahberge (Ex-mate)
Family: Boccelle (Mother), Mrirren (Father, deceased)
Personality: Soft-spoken, Calm, Calculating, Secretive, Holds Grudges, Patient, Imaginative, Level-Headed, Polite
Brief History:
Despite her mixed heritage, it has always been said of Ziggy that she carried herself with all the grace of a purebred, show, cat. Her mother loved and cared for her daughter deeply, helping her daughter to learn the proper way to speak and act. Her father doted upon her and liked to brag about his lovely daughter to the other cats in the neighborhood, telling them that their sons were nowhere near good enough for his daughter. All this inflated the young queen's ego a million times over, and for a time she did believe herself to be second only to the Everlasting cat. When she was old enough she was mated to a handsome Somali tom named Cahberge with whom she planned on spending the rest of her life. Things went awry though when the couple tried to have kits of their own. No matter what they tried Ziggy never conceived, so they went to a local healer who told them that the queen would never be able to bear children of her own. Upon hearing this Cahberge left her, not wanting to be with a queen who could not bear him any children. For the first time in her life Ziggy felt unwanted and her sadness quickly turned to anger as she went after the tom that had so easily pushed her aside. In her rage the queen felt a strange power course through her resulting in a faint blue glow about her fingertips. She was a magic cat and in her passion unleashed that power upon Cahberge, leaving him blind, deaf, and mute for three whole days. The once highly favored queen was sent away, no longer the lovely princess everyone had adored but a reject with powers that could be used for harm.
Other: Has an exceptional singing voice, Unable to have children, Can temporarily blind /deafen/mute others (mystic), wears a small, rectangular, watch-face on a chain around her neck
Ref: N/A

Name: Savalon
Nickname(s): Lonnie
Breed: Moggy
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Eyes:  Yellow
Distinct Physical Traits: Round eyes, scar down her left shoulder blade, hair the sticks up in every direction, Slight hips
Mate(s): Vegas (Cayran, Dating)
Family: Pascal (Father), Jillian (Mother), Keegan (Little brother), Adopted daughter of Pouncival and Tumblebrutus
Personality: Competitive, Affectionate, Materialistic, Forgiving, Easily Distracted, Attention Seeking, Inquisitive, Fidgety
Brief History:
Savalon ran away from home when she was 5 after wandering off during a tantrum after hearing that her parents were going to have another kit. When she came upon the junkyard she had already made up her mind not to go back with her biological family, feeling like she was being replaced by a new kit, so she lied and said that her father had died when she was young and that her mother had gotten run over by a car. A little melodramatic, yes, but she was a marvelous little actress and no one questioned her with her little sniffles and crocodile tears. Pouncival and Tumblebrutus were especially taken with the young queen and took her in as their daughter and raised her from that point onward. She loves the junkyard tribe, and though she occasionally thinks back to her biological parents she is happy with her home and her situation and wouldn't give up the family she has for anything in the world. Still, she has matured a bit since the years long ago when she was an impulsive and spoiled kitten and she thinks of going to see her family again, but she is afraid of what they'll say or even worse that they make have forgotten her after all of this time.
Other: She occasionally wears a dark green collar with brass studs that she found, occasionally trips over her own tail
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Recently lillemoy did a journal with her OCs and it gave me the itch something terrible to do a nice revamp of that list that's been sitting on my page for freakin' ever. Well, I kinda did that seeing as this installment only has my male characters. I'll do the females at some point, but this was just a little something to unwind between prepping for finals and such. Hope you like these boys.

Name: Amaro
Nickname(s): Ro, Vermin
Breed: Burmilla/American Shorthair/Unknown
Age: 26
Height: 6'4"
Eyes: Pale Blue, just a few shades off of white
Distint Physical Traits: Tail is long and practically all white, Broad shoulders
Mate(s): Devangi
Family: Salwa (Mother), Clotaire (Father), Shawnee (Sister and Litter mate), Younger Siblings-Capac, Itzel, Nayeli, Iago (son), Shasta (daughter)
Personality: Paranoid, Analytical, Outwardly Confident, Can be a real Hardass, Insecure, SEXUAL, Is Rather Stupid Sometimes, Loyal to Those he cares about, Often makes his own head hurt, Has quite the temper when it flairs up
Brief History:
Amaro was born in backyard, his father being a stud cat for a small breeding project and his mother one of his father's many mates. He wasn't the brightest of kits but he was happy with his mom and his sister. However, one day he when he was old enough he was sold to a pet store. He did his best to get a loving home, but no matter what he was always looked over. Eventually he was put in the pound because he was costing the shop more money than they wanted on a cat that no one was buying. In the shelter he accidentally scratched a young girl coming to adopt him, and he was in line to be put down. As he was getting taken to the back he managed to escape, making his way out onto the streets. He felt worthless and betrayed by humans and had developed a strong distaste for him. They didn't want him, so he didn't want them back. He left his human given name behind and has been an alley cat ever since.
Other: He has a bad habit of playing with his tail when he's irritated or upset

Name: Eritohve
Nickname: Tohvey
Breed: Moggy
Age: 22
Height: 6'0.6"
Eyes: Eyes
Distinct Physical Traits: Somewhat large, but defined nose. Tip of his tail always appears to be drooping. Scruff of longer fur on his chin. Bi-colored nose (Pink with black spots)
Mate(s): Aidaline (Cayran)
Family: Croah (Cousin, Cayran)
Personality: Not Shy at All, Charmer When He Wants to Be, Quick Learner, Tactile, Blunt, Organized, Level Headed, Well meaning, Talkative, Playful
Brief History:
Tohvey is an Arkansas boy, born outside a church alongside his two sisters. That's how he acquired his love for colored glass and the art form of stained glass as it was something familiar from when he was just a kit. It reminds him of home when he's adventuring, and he's always thought it was pretty anyway. However, ol' Tohvey was always a bit of a roamer, and when he was old enough he traveled on the backs of cars throughout the mid-west and south of the US. He met a number of cats and made friends all around, but he always felt the need to move on to the next adventure. Occasionally he thinks of heading back home, but he's not certain he's ready to settle just yet/ Wherever he is he tends to gravitate toward churches and bakeries since those have strong spots in his memory, and he can't say no to a good catfish. He's just a fun-loving boy with a big heart and a tough-love attitude, and now he's got his girl Aidaline. As long as he's got her he's pretty happy no matter where he is.
Other: He has a black scrap of cloth he found when he was a kitten inside the church that he occasionally ties off on wherever he can, tail, arm, leg, etc. He usually wears it when he's feeling homesick since it reminds him of home and comforts him.

Name: Rossierre
Nickname: Rosy, Butterfly Butt
Breed: Somali/Angora
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Eyes: Yellow, Blind right eye (makes yellow coloration opaque)
Distinct Physical Traits: Long, plumed, tail; Long Fingers, Bright red fur, Large Ears, Extremely flexible (contortionist), Feathered fur on shoulders
Mate(s): Dagda (Cayran)
Family: Kittens-Olethe (daughter with Dagda)
Personality: Quiet, Bookish, Contortionist, Loyal, Listener, Hard to Impress, Sarcastic, Occasionally Mopey, Energetic
Brief History:
Rosy belonged to an older woman whom he was very loyal to. Unfortunately, the woman's health had never been very good, and eventually she got sick and passed away after a prolonged stay in the hospital. Rosy mourned for her, but he hoped that he would find a new owner. However, when his owner's family came to the house to feed him for the last time he expected them to take him with them, but instead they just left the food out and left him there. Rosy didn't want to leave the home he'd always known, but he knew he couldn't stay there. Thus, he set out on his own, seeking out a new home for himself. Maybe with humans, maybe with other cats. He hung around with a group of younger cats for a while, but he moved on from them only a few months ago to pursue his interest in a pretty female he'd taken notice of, Dagda. His friends told him it was either them or her, and Rosy chose Dagda. He knew better than to think good friends would make him choose between such a thing.
Other: Occasionally wears bandages on his forearms to keep from scratching them as they sometimes get raw from his nervous scratching

Name: Orred
Nickname: Eddy, Orz
Breed: Moggy
Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Eyes: Amber
Distinct Physical Traits:
Mate(s): OPEN
Family: Mother- Irail, Father- Reken, Brothers-Lucin, Adrah
Personality: Optimistic, Overly Helpful, A bit clumsy, Observant, Patient, Listener, Cuddler, Relaxed, Affectionate, Loyal
Brief History:
Eddy is a house cat, and he always has been. He lives in the same apartment building as his mother and brothers as he was given to a young couple when he was weaned. He's a bit of a momma's boy, and his brothers used to tease him when he was little. Still, his relationship with his brothers has improved over time, but his father has always been distant, the most toward Eddy seeing as Eddy was not the most masculine offspring. His father didn't want to be associated with him, but as his son grew some of that tension went away. He considers his human family just as much a part of his family as his feline blood, and he is able to see his family fairly regularly since the owners of his family are all friends. Most recently he female owner has become pregnant, and Eddy excitedly awaits the arrival of his new family member.
Other: Occasionally wears a collar, has a great fondness for muffins

Name: Caleb
Nickname: Cal, Lebowitz
Breed: American Shorthair
Age: 25
Height: 5'11.5"
Eyes: Dark Forest Green
Distinct Physical Traits: Scar under his left eye (follows the curve of his eye), Black stripe of fur down his fur is longer and coarser than the rest of his fur, Thick eyebrows
Mate(s): Rosette (Cayran)
Family: Mother-Ophelia, Father-Mordecai, Siblings-Osric, Gabriella
Personality: Story Teller, Not a Pushover, Fun Loving, Eager to Please, Set in his ways, Energetic, Early Riser, Remembers EVERYTHING
Brief History:
Caleb was born in a shelter, his mother having been picked up off the street along with her mate not long before she was to give birth. Caleb stayed there until his current owner, a young veteran named Eric, adopted him. The two are very close, and when Eric goes for jogs in the morning it is not uncommon to see Caleb running along beside him. Caleb prides himself on being in top physical condition and enjoys his active lifestyle. He was in a triad with two females for a little while, but that fell apart. For a while he was rather depressed by that because he had cared about his mates dearly and yet they had been so quick to end their relationship without a warning. Of course, he now has a lovely mate, Rosette, and he's starting to get out of his emotional funk. Both of them have had past relationships and are working together to heal each other's hearts.
Other: He is comforted by heights, and it is not rare to find him perched up somewhere just out of reach when he's napping or just trying to get some quiet time for himself.

Name: Balendin
Nickname(s): Bally, Orange Cream, Gator
Breed: Moggy
Age: 32
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Orange
Distinct Physical Traits: Damaged ear (Small rips in the left, practically torn up  on the right and it doesn't stand up perfectly straight)
Mate(s): OPEN, Babochka (Ex-mate, lillemoy)
Family: Halim (half-brother), Shiloh (Daughter from a previous mateship), Anima (niece)
Personality: Boisterous, Loud mouthed, Lazy, Lovable, Jokester, Laid back, Goes with his gut, Sounds like he's trying to sell you something
Brief History:
Bally is a swamp cat, born in the Florida swamps where you always have to watch your tail just in case of gators. He was the only kitten to survive of his litter of three. Life was rough in the wilds and when his mother became pregnant again she moved the family closer to a human trailer park in hopes of avoiding some of the risks of swamp dwelling. At least human homes provided some shelter and occasionally an easy meal. His little brother Halim was born, and Bally decided he'd look out for the little kit no matter what. The two were practically inseparable as they grew up, and when they were old enough they discovered the fighting scene that other strays had developed in their trailer park home. Bally was natural, and Halim was well suited to keeping track of bets on food and other things of value. Still, such activities really take it out of you, and Bally has since retired from the ring, happily sporting his battered ears. He's a loving father to his young daughter, Shiloh, despite no longer being mates with her mother. Now that he isn't tied to the fighting seen he has been more free to wander and roam outside of the world he has known.
Other: Got his nickname "Gator" from his strength and presence when fighting.

Name: Halim
Nickname(s): Hally, Lieutenant, Cream Puff (Bally only)
Breed: Moggy
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Eyes: Light Blue
Distinct Physical Traits: Long ears, naturally short tail, Long Limbs
Mate(s): Kaida (Kvitter)
Family: Balendin (Half-brother), Anima (Daughter), Shiloh (Niece)
Personality: Analytical, Planner, Organized, Holier than thou attitude at times, Energetic, Enjoys working "behind the scenes", Set in his ways
Brief History:
Born in a trailer park, Halim has always been a bit too tightly wound for his own good. He grew up under the constant care of his mother and brother, and eventually became his brother's manager of sorts in the fighting ring. When he was younger he'd always admired his brother's strength, wishing that he would grown out of his natural lankiness. This didn't happen exactly as he wished, growing into a lean adult and at least taller than his brother. Still, with his knack for management and organization he came into his own working the more "behind the scenes" element of his and his brother's chosen occupation, and as such he has a very comfortable den thanks to his big brother's skills and his own conservative nature. He wasn't looking for love, but it found him anyway in a feisty female, Kaida, proving that sometimes opposites really did attract. When around his mate and brother he swears he's the only sane one in the group, but that's just code meaning he loves them with all his heart. The same applies to his little daughter, Anima, who takes quite a bit after her mother in terms of mischievous nature. Even so, she brings out the naturally caring a loving nature in her father.
Other: Occasionally he'll pretend to be a fighter like his brother when he's alone, imagining himself winning fights to the cheers of an excited crowd. Of course this is all just fantasy, and he'd never tell anyone that he still does this.

Name: Ricochet
Nickname(s): Rico, Lemon-Lime
Breed: Main coon moggy
Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Eyes: Green
Distinct Physical Traits: Stocky and round build, Headfur sticks up in the front, Black markings around his eyes and dark eyelids, Lion-like plume on tail, long claws
Mate(s): OPEN (Male)
Family: OPEN
Personality: Lazy, MAGIC, Cuddly, Honest, Confident, Playful, Observant, Impatient, Pampered, Mischievous, Well-Meaning, Dependent
Brief History:
Rico is a pampered, lazy, housecat. That's really all there is to it. He's never known a hard day's work, and his mother always doted on him as a kit. He is owned by the woman who bred him though his siblings have been since sold to other people for their shiny coats and tufted tails. Rico knows he looks good, and he's always one to flaunt it. He got his magic from his father, and he will be the first to tell you that he deserved it. After all, it was the only way to make his already flawless self all the more flawless. He goes out at night to show off his talents and play little tricks on unsuspecting strays, but he never has any cruel intent. He's just attention seeking and a bit rusty when it comes to interacting in a less than obnoxious way with others. Maybe one day he'll manage it, but that day is not today.
Other: Wears a beaded necklace most of the time and occasionally he'll wear bracelets or other interesting things he finds

Name: Leska
Breed: Blue-point Siamese (mostly) with some unknown others
Age: 29
Height: 6'
Eyes: Silver
Distinct Physical Traits: Silver/blue point and short headfur, Long fingers and toes, Long fur on the inside of his ears
Mate(s): OPEN (preferably female, but also open to males)
Family: Tinnol (Mother) Unknown Father
Personality: Organized, Reserved, Patient, Deceptive, Romantic, Intelligent, Easily Entertained, Fatherly, Caring
Brief History:
Leska was raised by his mother. They weren't strays exactly as there were humans that would occasionally care for them, but it was nothing like being a proper house pet so Les never felt any kind of special attachment to his human caregivers. When he was older he was out making rounds around the town when he bumped into a cat who had heard of Macavity and his plan to form another tribe. Intrigued by the prospect Leska went in search of this tomcat that was called Macavity. When he did he was completely taken in by the charisma and the passion of the other young tom. Leska spoke with Macavity himself and offered him his services as a mystic cat, and Macavity was happy to take him in as such. Leska was ecstatic and felt finally that he could put his powers to use. Leska still serves as the tribe's primary mystic, but he is started to feel dissatisfied with his life in the tribe. He holds his leader in high esteem, but Macavity is also a strict leader. Though Les appreciates his charisma he has to wonder if he should be putting so much faith in the ginger cat.
Other: Wears strands of leather around his neck, wrists, ankles, and at the base of his tail, Mystic with the ability to sense the future and interpret dreams (both his and others), Can levitate if he focuses
Ref (original design belongs to Nemisaurus ):…

Name: Asterix
Nickname: Rix, Bandit
Breed: Main Coon/British Shorthair
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Eyes: Green
Distinct Physical Traits: Mane is silky and full at the top and tapers down until it blends with the rest of his fur, Tail is plumed and silky like he mane, Slightly tufted ears and elbows with black fur, Slightly long headfur with bangs, Thick expressive eyebrows, Freckles on his face
Mate(s): Afton (friends/dating, Cayran)
Family: Rum Tum Tugger (Father), Rumpleteazer (Mother)
Personality: Shy, Indecisive, Pessimistic, Devoted, Curious, Envious, Energetic Below the Surface, Creative, Playful
Brief History:
Asterix is the youngest of both his mother's and father's children. As he got older he started to feel like he needed to be something other than the little one. His siblings all had something he didn't...confidence. Asterix couldn't think of any way to make himself stand out. When he was 12 he decided that there had to be something he was good enough at to set him apart from his older siblings. What he found was another cat who belonged to an illusionist. He befriended the older queen, Sousa. She showed him some of the tricks she'd watched her master do over the years. To his surprise as well as Sousa's Asterix picked up on these movements and tricks fairly easily. He'd slip away and talk to this queen whom he'd begun to consider as a kind of grandmother/teacher figure and practice his trade. He tried on many occasions to get the old queen to come to the junkyard and become a tribe member, but she insisted that her place was beside her human. When Rix was 15 Sousa and her owner moved away. She gave Rix a few of her trick cloths and coins before she left. She said goodbye to her little Rix and sent him on his way. Asterix mourned the loss of his friend for a while, but he knew she'd be fine. Asterix knew he had just been being selfish when he'd tried to convince Sousa to leave him. Asterix has not stopped practicing his sleight of hand tricks, but rather continues to practice them each day until he's satisfied. It has given him a level of confidence that he did not have before because he feels it is something that sets him apart from others. He's still more on the reserved side, but thanks to Sousa he'd like to think he's on his way to being a productive member of the tribe.
Other: Wears a black bandana around his neck, pulls his headfur back in a small ponytail, black leather wristbands with dull brass studs, Has amazing sleight of hand skills
Ref (original design belongs to Nemisaurus ):…

Name: Barnabas
Nickname(s): Barns, Barney
Breed: Moggy
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Golden Yellow
Distinct Physical Traits: Quarter length tail (Lost to a dog), "Roman Nose", Shaggy fur on shoulders
Mate(s): Mesika (Evealle)
Family: Azazel (Father, Cayran), Trimene (Mother)
Personality: Stand-Offish, Analytical, Fighter, Romantically Challenged, Blunt, Intelligent, Focused, Quiet, Protective
Brief History:
His tribe is all this young tom has ever known, and his loyalty is strong. Growing up he wasn't a terribly rambunctious kitten and spent most of his time entertaining himself and wandering off as far as he felt going on a certain day. Though he's loyal to his tribe he has never felt particularly attached to the location itself. This wanderlust of his has gotten him into all kinds of incidents. When he was still quite young he was out on the border of the tribes territory when he came upon a stray pollicle. Lacking the instinctual fear of such a creature the tomkit went and stuck his nose in the face of the decidedly aggressive animal. As a result he lost a good percentage of his tail and ran as fast as he could back to the safety of home where he passed out and had to be bandaged up to stop the bleeding and he had a fever for a while. Even so, when he was back on his feet he had no reservations about getting right back out to wandering. Later on he managed to get off territory of the tribe all together and to the residence of some humans. There he was able to satiate his hunger for knowledge with the human's interesting objects, newspapers, non-broken toys, and of course their food. He visits the human residence fairly often to see if they have anything new he can educate himself with. More recently, Barns has been being trained in the way of a protector for his tribe. He's proud of this position and does his best any time that he is being trained, but he's a little irked that it will cut into his wandering time. Still, he is dutiful and loyal and would rather have a purpose than none at all.
Other: He is a protector in training for his tribe, he collects "death" (as in small animal skulls, feathers, etc.), Looks up to his father immensely
Refs (original design belongs to Nemisaurus ):…

Name: Rhoethke (Ret-Kee)
Nickname(s): Rhett
Breed: Purebred Snowshoe
Age: 26
Height: 6'4"
Eyes: Blue
Distinct Physical Traits: White hands and feet, Broad shoulders and tapered torso, Full tail, Deep-set eyes, Two nicks in his right ear and two in his left
Mate(s): Svetani (Cayran)
Family: Unknown mother and father, one of the seven kittens Mistoffelees pulled out of the hat and views those other cats as his siblings despite none of them being related by blood. Svetani ("Sister"), Wyote ("Brother", Cayran)
Personality: Self-Reliant, Laughs Easily, Hard Working, Eloquent, Charmer, Sensitive,
Brief History:
Rhett was "born" as one of the seven kittens Mistoffelees pulled out of a hat, and as such really doesn't remember anything before that of if there was anything before that at all. Some may say it's foolish, but Rhett sometimes thinks Misto might have just been powerful enough to create kittens from thin air. He mostly keeps this thought to himself though. As he grew he tended to be moving from family to family despite the fact that a number of his siblings found their own adoptive homes. Staying fixed to one family just never "did it" for Rhett, but he found the entire tribe to be a communal family, loving all of them in turn. Still, he developed a special closeness with his "sister", Svetani, and when he was feeling lonely would go to her. Occasionally Rhett would find himself in trouble, but his can do nature often got him out of it. When he was 17 he made good friends with stray queen, and the pair quickly became involved. However, quite suddenly the young queen no longer continued to meet with him. He'd see her, but she'd act as if he didn't exist, and eventually she just disappeared completely. Rhett's interest in becoming fully involved with anyone from that point on waned considerably, but not completely as he still craved some affection. He has grown even closer to Svetani, and considers a sort of pseudo-mate, though they have never gone farther than kissing seeing as their relationship is still considered a bit taboo despite having no blood relation.
Other: Wears dog tags with the chain doubled over to shorten it around his neck and black fingerless gloves on his hands, Has insomnia
Refs (original design belongs to Nemisaurus ):…
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Randomly got the urge to update my CATS character list since it's had some tweaking and additions to it. I'm still adding things here and there, but I figured I'd update this while I have the motivation. ON WITH THE KITTIES.


Name: Amaro
Nickname(s): Ro
Age: 26
Human: Wes Bentley…
Mate(s): Devangi
Family: Mother-Salwa, Father-Clotaire, Litter Mate-Shawnee, Younger Siblings-Capac, Itzel, Nayeli, Offspring-Iago, Shasta
Personality: Paranoid, Analytical, Outwardly Confident, Can be a real Hardass, Insecure, SEXUAL, Is Rather Stupid Sometimes, Loyal to Those he cares about, Often makes his own head hurt, Has quite the temper when it flairs up

Name: Devangi
Nickname(s): Deva
Age: 24
Human: ???
Mate(s): Amaro
Family: Offspring-Iago, Shasta, WIP
Personality: Opinionated, Flirty, Independent, Sharp Tongued, Slow to Trust, Protective, Can Hold Her Own

Name: Eritohve
Nickname(s): Tohvey
Age: 22
Human: ???
Mate(s): Aidaline (Cayran)
Family: Croah (Cayran), OPEN
Personality: Not Shy at All, Charmer When He Wants to Be, Quick Learner, Tactile, Blunt, Organized, Level Headed, Well meaning, Talkative, Playful

Name: Rossierre
Nickname(s): Rosy
Age: 20
Human: Mathias Lauridsen
Mate(s): Dagda (Cayran)
Family: OPEN
Personality: Quiet, Bookish, Contortionist, Loyal, Listener, Hard to Impress, Sarcastic, Occasionally Mopey, Energetic

Name: Orred
Nickname(s): Eddy, Orz
Age: 24
Human: Matthieu Chedid…
Mate(s): Perpetua (Owned by jarbythedoor)
Family: Mother- Irail, Father- Reken, Brothers-Lucin, Adrah, Kitten-Leander (jarbythedoor), Cyrus, Rosaline, Amaryllis (jarbythedoor)
Personality: Optimistic, Overly Helpful, A bit clumsy, Observant, Patient, Listener, Cuddler, Relaxed

Name: Caleb
Nickname(s): Cal, Lebowitz
Age: Young Adult
Human: Eric Szmanda…
Mate(s): Rosette (Cayran)
Family: Mother-Ophelia, Father-Mordecai, Siblings-Osric, Gabriella, Kittens-Manisi (with Adelphi), Benjamen and Heriberto (with Telasphelese)
Personality: Story Teller, Not a Pushover, Fun Loving, Eager to Please, Set in his ways, Energetic, Early Riser, Remembers EVERYTHING

Name: Balendin
Nickname(s): Bally, Orange Cream, Gator
Age: 32
Human: Alan Tudyk…
Mate(s): OPEN
Family: Brother-Halim, Daughter-Shiloh (from a previous mateship)
Personality: Boisterous, Loud mouthed, Lazy, Lovable, Jokester,  Laid back, Goes with his gut, Sounds like he's trying to sell you something

Name: Halim
Nickname(s): Hally, Cream Puff, Lieutenant
Age: 27
Human: B.J. Novak…
Mate(s): Kaida (owned by Kvitter)
Family: Brother-Balendin, Niece-Shiloh
Personality: Analytical, Planner, Organized, Holier than thou attitude at times, Energetic, Enjoys working "behind the scenes", Set in his ways

Name: Ricochet
Nickname(s): Rico
Age: 20
Human: ???
Mate(s): OPEN
Family: OPEN
Personality: Lazy, MAGIC, Cuddly, Honest, Confident, Playful, Observant, Impatient

Name: Inoem
Nickname(s): Ino, Emmy, Little Green Magician
Age: 16
Human: ???
Mate(s): OPEN (male or female)
Family: Mother-TBA ,Father-Gustavus, Half Sister-Lingerie
Personality: Bouncy, Optimistic, In Your Face, Never Takes Anything Seriously, Cannot Focus on Anything Very Long, Impatient, Genuinely Interested in Everyone, Says Some of the Randomest Things, Caring, Forgetful, Prone to Throwing Small Fits Which He Apologizes for Later

Name: Zarif
Nickname(s): ZaZa, Rif
Age: 22
Human: Ethan Embry…
Mate(s): OPEN
Family: Mother-Sonia, Father-Alexander, Siblings-Ines(deceased), Tage (deceased)
Personality: Curious, Level Headed, Forgetful, Responsible, Momma's Boy, Skeptical, Mediator, Slow to judge, Enthusiastic

Name: Falesyia
Nickname(s): Sy
Age: 17
Human: Anna Lutoskin…
Mate(s): OPEN
Family: Mother-Tora, Father-Ellard, Siblings-Zuharode (Msterope) Rolanodi
Personality: Energetic, Rough Houser, One of the Boys, Proud, Day Dreamer, Trying to figure it all out


Name: Shiloh
Nickname(s): LoLo, Shi
Age: 8
Looks: WIP
Human: ???
Mate(s): Too Young
Family: Mother-Nameless for now (if you want to offer a character to be her mother I'd be more than interested), Father-Balendin, Uncle-Halim
Personality: WIP
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I finally got around to scanning the things I've been quietly working on. I've been trying to work with the school's scanners, but for some reason they were being all kinds of difficult. Well, today I got a sudden burst of energy, which hasn't happened in a while, and went to get some studying and scanning done. I'm on a roll, so I figured I should image dump while I've still got the drive in me to be productive. I'm hoping this productivity burst lasts me through finals. I can only hope so...

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I should sleep, but I'm not...
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Because this is some serious stuff you guys, spread the word!

Click the link below for information…

Look through all of it, get the information. Come on your guys. Let's get this man's name out there. I'd say more, but right now I just have so much rage coursing through my veins. Sign and watch the video, please guys. Not very often am I so serious, but honestly, I'm not kidding.

EDIT: Also, since I feel this might be an issue, I'm just trying to get the word out. I'm not particularly for any revolution, and if you want to do something I suggest doing research. Still, I think this man's name should be known. Even so, this is not an excuse not to do your research!
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Hope it was good for those of you that celebrate and whatnot. And happy holidays or whatever to everyone else. I'm tired. I'm glad this Christmas is over. Can't say I particularly enjoyed it, but I'll keep that personal business to myself. Just saying that right now I'm feeling pretty low. Oh well.

Whatever, still hope the holidays were fun for everyone.
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I caved in the other day and got one. I don't expect any amount of followers, but well...I felt like sharing because I could have sworn I'd have been able to avoid getting one of these things, but what can I say? I'm weak. Don't hurt me.


Right about now it doesn't really have anything of note. Perhaps I shall post some sketches and whatnot to it when I get home (Thanks giving break is coming up!!) But yeah, will most likely be a place for all the things I find entertaining to go and to answer any questions people want to ask. *cough*askmequestions*cough*

Ok, well, enough of that. Just kinda wanted to change my journal since that other one is OLD, and it was getting to annoy me. College drains me of energy even when I'm not doing anything. So...that.

In short:
I got a tumblr and I'm in a constant state of weariness. Fantastic.
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To-Do List

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 12:15 PM

Just a list of things to-do...

1. Mitternacht for myself

2. Harley for lillemoy

3. Leska, Barnabas, Savalon and Skimbleshanks for The Next Jellicle Generation

4. MOAR P2 doodles because they're fun

5. Color some of the older P2 doodles

6. Headshot for trade on Wolf-Haven

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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 9:14 PM

Stolen from Evealle because I'm having a hard time thinking of stuff to write for the little private stories I write.

100 Things You Might Not Know About Me...
(you probably do know since I do some many quizzes like this)

001. One of your scars, how did you get it?
I have a scar under my belly button from a surgery I had on my bladder when I was 5 or so. It's pretty faded now so...unless I showed you you wouldn't really notice it.

002. What is on the walls in your room?
A Nightmare Before Christmas poster, a Sweeney Todd poster, and a cross-stitch my grandma made for me what I was born.

003. Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep?
Not that I'm aware of. I'm a pretty boring sleeper.

004. What type of music do you listen to?
Pretty much anything and everything. There's probably something from each genre that I find pretty good. I generally like classic rock and showtunes along with certain pop music and French pop music.

005. Do you know what time you were born?
Some ungodly hour of the morning I'm told.

006. What do you want more than anything right now?
I don't know...more time with my friends would be nice though.

007. What do you miss?
Being able to hang out with all my college buddies. That'll be remedied soon though :3

008. What is your most prized possession(s)?
I uh...I don't really know. Probably my stuffed bear named Boo-Boo. He's been with me through a lot.

009. How tall are you?
5'4" about. I'm not very big.

010. Do you get claustrophobic?
Eh, kind of depends on the situation. Sometimes I like huddling up in small places while other times I just like to be out in the open.

011. Do you get scared in the dark?
No, but I get scared of the things that could be hiding in the dark.

012. The last person to make you cry?
I can't remember. Probably, :iconspnbratprincess:  but that's because she writes sad stories. Stop toying with my emotions woman!

013. What's your worst fear?
It wouldn't be wise of me to give away such a big weakness don't you think? Never know who could be lurking...

014. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex?
I don't really have a preference when it comes to eye color. I seem to like all shades. Though I do tend to take a liking for darker haired guys.

015. Where can you see yourself proposing?
No where. I don't even know if I like anyone.

016. Coffee or energy drink?
If I had to choose, energy drink. Coffee kills my insides...

017. Favourite pizza topping?

018. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Some sort of creature that comes from the water. I'm in a seafood mood.

019. Favourite colour of all time?
Shades of blue and blue-green. Green is a runner up :)

020. Have you ever eaten a goldfish?
I have not. Can't say I've ever had the desire to either. They don't seem like they'd be very filling depending on the kind of goldfish.

021. What was the first meaningful gift you've ever received?
My bear :3 The one I mentioned earlier. My grandma gave him to me when I was in the hospital for the surgery I mentioned before as well.

022. Do you have a crush?
On someone I know? Maybe someone. I do have a few crushes on celebrities, but I'm not obsessive over anyone. I'm not a creep like that XD I'm a creep in other ways ;)

023. Are you double jointed?
Sadly, no.

024. Favorite clothing brand?
I don't think I have a favorite one. I'll wear anything that's comfortable.

030. Say a number from one to a hundred:

031. Blonds or brunettes?
Brunettes because...just because.

032. Favorite quote?
I don't really have a favorite quote. I like pretty much anything that comes out of Salvador Dali's mouth though.

033. Favorite place?
Anywhere comfy :3

034. Have you been out of the USA?

035. Your weaknesses?
People who are upset. I get sad when I see others sad, and I just melt.

036. Met anyone famous?
Nope, I never have. I want to meet a few though.

037. First job?
Uhhh...I haven't really ever been hired. I do some stuff under the table though, and I've done a bit of catering.

038. Ever done a prank call?

039. Do you think everyone out there has a soul mate?
I don't know. I'm not one for making life like a fantasy. Real life is real life, and I like to treat it as such.

040. What were you doing before you filled this out?
Drawing like a good little deviant.

041. Have you ever had surgery?
I already answered that previously.

042. What do you get complimented about most?
Drawing. I'm not really impressive.

043. Have you ever had braces?

044. What do you want for your birthday?
A couple of movies and CDs or a gift card or something. I'm not really picky.

045. How many kids do you want and their names?
Hell if I have any idea.

046. Were you named after anyone?
Yep, my middle name belongs to some long dead relative...

047. What is the biggest turn off of the opposite sex?
Excessive body hair and bad teeth. I just....eugh...

048. What is one thing you like(d) about high school?

049. What kind of shampoo do you use?
DevaCurl :3 Made specifically for hair like mine.

050. Do you like your handwriting?
I do actually. It used to be horrible, but now it's pretty darn good.

051. What is your favourite lunch meat?
Anything that's good. I'm not picky when it comes to food for the most part.

052. Any bad habits?
I am a bad habit.

053. Are you a jealous person?
I don't think I really am.

054. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
Oh yeah. I'm pretty rad.

055. Do you agree with friends with benefits?
I agree on judging situations on a case by case basis.

056. Do looks matter?
In what situation are we talking about?

057. How do you release anger?
I don't. I tend to hold things in until I say something really nasty and regret it.

058. Would you rather gain 58 pounds or lose 58 pounds?
Both would be horrible for my health.

060. What was your favourite toy as a child?
My imagination. I could play with just about anything I found.

061. How many numbers are in your cell phone?
I have no idea. A good amount of people.

062.Were you a fan of Barney as a little kid?
Not in particular.

063. Do you use sarcasm?
Quite a bit.

064. Mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese?
Depends on how well either is made.

065. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
I don't know. I've never really had time to think about it.

066. What are your nicknames?
Mostly pet names that my mom has given me over the years. I have a shocking lack of real world nicknames. Though I do get called on occasion "Good Sir Knight"

067. Favourite super power?
Shapeshifting. The ability to be anything is just fascinating to me.

068. What's your favourite TV show?
Don't really have one. I like a wide variety of shows both present and past.

069.What's the best way to deal with your enemies?

070. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Dulce de Leche :9

071. Do you have all your fingers and toes?
I do. Thank goodness.

072. Do you have a computer in your room?
I have a laptop so I guess you could say so.

073. Plans for tonight?
Well, it's almost 12 so probably nothing.

074. Where do you want to live when you are older?
Wherever there's a job. I have thought of living in New York City though.

075. Do you want everyone to answer these questions?
Only if someone really feels the need to. I'm not going to force anyone.

076. What are you listening to?
TV in the background.

077. Last thing you drank?
Snappe Raspberry iced tea.

078. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My dad.

079. The first thing you notice in the opposite sex?
Pretty much the neck up unless there's some other outstanding feature.

080. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Watch TV, write, draw, go for walks, hang out with friends, read, RP, make up characters...the list goes on.

081. Favorite thing to hate?
Can't say there's anything I really hate except for people who hurt my friends and family.

082. Favorite season of the year?
Early spring and fall

083. What's your favourite type of candy?
Anything with caramel.

084. Have you ever really and truly had a best friend?
I would like to say that I have a few.

085. What is your hair colour?
Brown with some blond.

086. Eye colour?

087. Shoe size?
9.5-10 depending on the maker of the shoe.

088. Favorite fast food place?
If I had to choose...Wendy's.

089. Favorite restaurant?
Beana's :) A tiny Mexican place near where I live.

090. Do you like sushi?
Quite a bit :)

091. Watch TV today?
I'm watching it right now XD

092. Favourite day of the year?
Changes from year to year.

093. Play any musical instruments?
I used to play the clarinet, and I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano XD

094. Republican or democrat?
I don't really identify with either completely. I've been told I seem to resemble post-modernist.

095. Kisses or hugs?
Hugs :3

096. Relationships or one night stands?
Relationships for me personally.

097. What was the last thing you bought?
Besides food? A Pink Floyd t-shirt

098. Would you ever be a housewife?
God no.

099. What book are you reading?
A book I got out of the library on organic chemistry.

100. Final random fact about me:
I can touch my feet to the top of my head :3

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